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Terpene Bundle

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Pre-Roll Joints (Subscription)

The Smoker's Bundle is perfect for those who are looking for instant relaxation on the go. We know life can be fast paced and stressful, that's why we created Potion. Packaged in stylish tins, each pre-roll is hand-crafted to perfection with its own unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles.

6 Signature Strains

Hand-crafted to perfection

Grown in the U.S.A.

Product Details:

  • Packaged in a cool, travel-friendly aluminum tin
  • Each pre-roll is loaded with 1 gram of organic hemp
  • 100% pesticide free, organically grown Hemp
  • Grown in the serene mountains of Oregon
  • Each tin comes with 5 pre-roll hemp joints
  • This bundle comes with 6 pre-roll tins

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